Bill Gates’ take on frictionless banking with cellphones for all

Bill Gates talks about access to banking for all on Bloomberg Television.
His take: the banking fees from the developed world are just too high for the “rest of the world”.

While pervasive low cost technology like cellphones is the obvious product solution, the business model needs to be different.

It is not as insurmountable as it sounds, because the costs of doing business are also different:

  • marketing can be significantly cheaper: no need to advertise on TV
  • risk is lower: smaller amounts are involved and there is a lot less credit (mostly deposits & payments)
  • regulations can be lighter: see how M-Pesa got local support from the government in Kenya

While this may be too much to ask from large banks from the western world to adapt to, local players can greatly optimize their services and reduce dramatically the number of un-banked in the world.

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